How to Do Old Link Building Tactics Right in 2016

link building techniques

As we have entered in 2016, many seo’s has already planned there internet marketing strategy and some are still planning how to do things right. So here I am explaining how to utilize old link building methods to get most out of your efforts:

Social Bookmarking:

In simple words, social bookmarking is a technique of saving web addresses of your favorite websites with desire to visit in future. In other words,

“A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents – Wikipedia

Social bookmarking is an old technique that still used to drive qualified traffic on a website by sharing quality content publicaly.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Relevancy is key factor; always place your content in right category to get targeted traffic
  • Don’t only bookmarks or self promote your content on bookmarking sites
  • Maintain the balance of quality content and self promoted content.
  • Actively participate there by voting up quality content and news.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is a great approach to exchange thoughts and opinions about certain topic written as a blog post.

It is another old-school method to converse with bloggers and get a link for your website. Here you share your idea & opinion about given topic and learn new things through other members. Your main motive should be make connections, building awareness and drive traffic on your website through blog comments.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always comment on category specific blogs or blog posts related to your niche.
  • Don’t spam by using company in Name field, instead use your name while commenting.
  • Don’t post one liner comments. Always write informative comment that adds value in blog post.
  • Always remember, don’t ever comment for the sake of building link.

Forum Posting

“An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. – Wikipedia

Forum posting means participating in a discussion where people exchange their opinion, information and real facts about a particular topic. You can ask any question here and get instant solution as members are very active in these communities. It mostly helps newbie’s to learn things from senior members.

Dos v/s Don’ts

  • Before start posting or registration on particular forum site, read posting guidelines first.
  • After registration your initial step should be Introduce yourself first.
  • Self promoted posts and links are strictly prohibited on most authority forum sites, so avoid it.
  • Find marketplace category to share your business and services with link.
  • Don’t post anything if don’t have any valuable suggestion, read and learn from others posts.

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is a process of submitting your personal or company website to directories maintained by human editors.

It was one of the best techniques of old-times, but after penguin updates it is less effective technique as it is one of the easiest way to get one backlink for your website (increases spam), irrelevant and bulk link submissions and more.

Dos v/s Don’ts

  • In 2016 perspective, don’t submit on websites like same c-class IP, similar design, bulk ads on site, consist porn or gambling category, not cached by google crawler from sometimes etc.
  • Don’t use more same title and description for all directory sites; use unique title and description for all directories.
  • Find relevant category to submit your website details.
  • Avoid paid and automate directory submission proposals and tools, always do it manually.
  • Check directory site’s PR, Domain Authority, page authority, inbound links and outbound links before submitting your link.

Article Submission:

Article submission is a part of content marketing where we submit article in relevant category of various article directories.

It is also not effective practice as Google Penguin and Panda penalized most of article websites, but still helpful for tier 2 link building, brand awareness and drive traffic by posting articles on high authority sites like ezinearticles, newsvine,  etc.

Dos v/s Don’ts

  • Before posting, first thing is to read guidelines of article submission.
  • Always post unique article on each article sites and don’t submit one content more than one site.
  • Quality of article should be maintained as no grammatical mistakes and keyword stuffing allowed on article directories.
  • Article should be fresh and information rich enough to attract and engage audiences.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is technique of writing content and publishing it on other person’s blog or website.

Guest blogging is still a great way to increase social shares, brand awareness and qualified traffic for your website. As we can’t reach a no. of readers at initial stage of your blog, but posting on other website can provide you several audiences and chances of increased subscriber as well.

Dos v/s Don’ts

  • Find some high PR and authority guest blogging sites in your niche.
  • Again, it’s necessary to read full guest blogging guidelines before requesting a guest post.
  • Once other blog admin ready to post your content, offer quality content with author bio.
  • No need to buy links and seeding many anchor text with keywords.

There are several things you should pay attention before building backlinks for your website i.e. relevancy, domain authority, page authority, inbound links, outbound links and most importantly Google guidelines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an easy process these days as it takes time to get some output from your Link-building efforts. So keep hustling and try to earn link instead of link building.


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