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How to Secure your WordPress Website in 8 Easy Steps

I am sure you love WordPress framework, I do. It’s the only CMS framework powering more than 58% of total CMS market share. But do you know WordPress websites are the soft targets of hackers? Sucuri research reports say more than 75% of WordPress websites are infected in their 11k+ website scans! Isn’t that a damn high ratio? You need to pay attention to this security concern before your website becomes a victim of such attacks. Don’t panic it’s not that every WordPress website get hacked. But you may need to be active and follow some security precaution to save...

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WordPress Plugin: Google Maps Widget (GMW) Pro Review

Nowadays, technology is evolving very fast so that we can’t live without it. If we talk about Google Maps, it has been changed from a simple location finder to enabling Street maps with 360° panoramic view. Can you imagine? Yes. Now, Google map is very smart technology as it allows you to take a virtual walk at any destination, satellite imagery around the world and shows real-time traffic conditions. You are thinking, why I am talking about Google maps today, right? After researching, I found that Google map is a mandatory functionality that every website owner wants. It is quite...

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Entrepreneurship: Interview with Phil Turner

Here we are back and next interview with Phil Turner. He has struggled and learned from their experiments and experiences. His success mantra is quite simple – “Use the 5 currencies – Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts and Money to get success.” It includes all qualities that makes a person successful entrepreneur.   Question: Please tell our readers about you and your business? Answer: I am a blogger and content marketing consultant. I am currently writing a book on content marketing and am setting up an Udemy course that will help real world business people to use content marketing effectively. Both the book...

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6 Free Google Tools to Boost Your SEO Efforts

As an SEO manager, you need to track or research so many things on daily basis and SEO tools (Whether free or paid) make your tasks easy. Having the right tools at your fingertips is necessary to compete with SEO. Using tools you can save time, monitor multiple data and find new opportunities to take your SEO on next level. This article includes six free and easy to use Google tools kit to help marketers to boost their SEO efforts and improve web presence in major search engines: Google Analytics Tool “Google Analytics is used by 66.2% of the 10,000...

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Entrepreneurship: Interview with Rodney Fife from Ironrodmedia.com

“Running a small business has been compared to having a child. You will probably not have a decent night of sleep until it matures and is self-sustaining. Your focus will be on raising and growing your baby every minute you are awake. – Rodney Fife“ Here we come again with another interview with Rodney Fife – Founder and CEO of Ironrodmedia.com. Ironrodmedia agency helps small businesses and authors in crafting their business or personal success stories. Read full Interview here: — Question: Please tell our readers about you and your business? Answer: I run a PR/Marketing firm helping authors, artists, and...

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Entrepreneurship: Interview with Mickey Swortzel from Neweagle.net

Hello Folks, we have started a new interview series with the name of “Entrepreneurship – A Journey that never ends”. We have started a campaign at Myblogu.com and get very good response from members and entrepreneurs. In our first interview response, we get a really inspiring story of business Neweagle.net. We talked with Mickey Swortzel – founder and operations director for the New Eagle family of businesses. Check full Interview below: ——– Question: Please tell our readers about you and your business? Answer: Mickey is the co-founder and operations director for the New Eagle family of businesses. She brings a...

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6 Free Online WordPress SEO Plugins To Maximize Your Website Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process helps many businesses and websites to increase traffic and revenue. This is the reason wordpress website owners are showing interest in SEO plug-ins. It is best option to use relevant WordPress SEO plug-ins to make their website Search Engine Friendly. So here we have collected 6 most popular and useful plug-ins that will help you to optimize your website in few hours:

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Why Mobile Marketing is an Essential Factor During Rio Olympics 2016

As 24 hours are remaining to start RIO Olympics 2016, Marketers are all set to win gold for their business using effective marketing strategy. Building strategy is another thing, but implementing it and getting benefits through their planning is another crucial task for marketers. Apart from commercial TV marketing, does mobile marketing win gold for marketers in Olympics 2016? In my views, the answer is “yes”, but how? After doing lots of research, we find some best mobile marketing practices that will add wings to your marketing plan. Majority of People are Using Mobile SmartInsights research says, “80% of users own a...

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How relevant is Social Bookmarking for SEO today?

Spending over 5+ years in SEO industry, I have worked on several link building techniques and generate lots of traffic for my client’s website and blog. Today I came across a question that has asked and answered so many times in different communities and blogs: How relevant is Social Bookmarking for SEO Today? Are we wasting our time and efforts on submissions of website/blog details on social bookmarking websites? So here I want to explain few things which I have learned from different experiments and my working experience. According to my thoughts, submission of your website/blog won’t directly helps you...

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Most Popular Hashtag Research Tools to boost your Twitter Marketing

People who use twitter first time normally confused by a Pound sign (#) before a word or phrase. This pound sign (#) is named as Hashtag and first used on Twitter. People are often used hashtag to categorize tweets from their other tweets and it’s also used as a search term to find similar tweets on same topic. For example, if you may see tweets on SEO, you can find that few tweets use #SEO in them. Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users...