Most Popular Hashtag Research Tools to boost your Twitter Marketing

Twitter Hashtags Research Tools

People who use twitter first time normally confused by a Pound sign (#) before a word or phrase. This pound sign (#) is named as Hashtag and first used on Twitter. People are often used hashtag to categorize tweets from their other tweets and it’s also used as a search term to find similar tweets on same topic. For example, if you may see tweets on SEO, you can find that few tweets use #SEO in them.

Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. – Twitter

In business, utilization of right hashtags is necessary to attract target customers because growth in twitter marketing is also depends on hashtag. In this article we research about different tools to find or create hashtags.

Things to know about hashtags while creating it:

  • Don’t add spaces between keywords while creating hashtag.
  • Hashtags are case in-sensitive so you can use Uppercase like #seo and #SEO has similar meaning.
  • To make difference between two or more words you can make first letter of word Capital like #SeoTalk instead of space.

Tools to find relevant Hashtags for your business:

Before going on tools, there are few things you should consider while finding right hashtag. You can use your business related keywords as a hashtag. Check your competitor’s tweets and hastags who are in your niche industry. works as a dictionary of new and old hashtags. Here you can find list of all possible hashtags people are using worldwide. It offers a platform where you are able to find hashtag that is already in use or existed before creating new one. You can track, measure and analyze hashtag that is popular in particular timeframe.

Hashtagify.Me is also known as a search engine of hashtags that allows people to search right hashtag among 57,834,657 already available Twitter hashtags in its database. While you find a hashtag it also shows related& relevant hashtags with similar meaning in a spider map like structure.

Unlike other tools, it is best to check hashtags statistics like how many tweets & retweets are posted per hours using a similar hashtags, how many people have seen that hashtag in an hour and many more. While composing a tweet, it also indicates hashtags by highlighting with green (great), blue (good) and red (overused) that shows chances of tweet’s popularity.


TweetReach is best platform to track all activities related to your twitter campaigns. It uses Twitter search API to analyze past 1500 tweets. When you search your hashtag on tweetreach it displays full report contains estimated reach, most retweets, real time activities and many more fixtures. It also shows who is mentioning you and your brand in tweets.

If you want to track effectiveness of your hashtag on more social channels including Twitter, tagboard is right choice for you. You can analyze hashtag on six key social platforms Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine & Flickr. The best part is if your hashtag is available, you can create your own tagboard here. It also provides email support facility to Pro members.


While researching and creating hashtags, always stick with relevant business, brand & products related keywords. Above mentioned tools only help to finding, creating and tracking hashtags. So, after researching hashtags, you should test the performance of your hashtags by tweeting and messaging, and then choose which is working best for you.


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