6 Free Google Tools to Boost Your SEO Efforts

google seo tools

As an SEO manager, you need to track or research so many things on daily basis and SEO tools (Whether free or paid) make your tasks easy. Having the right tools at your fingertips is necessary to compete with SEO. Using tools you can save time, monitor multiple data and find new opportunities to take your SEO on next level.

This article includes six free and easy to use Google tools kit to help marketers to boost their SEO efforts and improve web presence in major search engines:

Google Analytics Tool

google analytics tool

“Google Analytics is used by 66.2% of the 10,000 most popular websites ordered by popularity, as reported by BuiltWith in August, 2013. – Wikipedia

Google Analytics is a freemium tool offers both free and premium subscription for users. You can track and generate detailed traffic related data and statistics for your website.

Using Google Analytics tool you can analyze your overall web performance, user behaviour, Keywords Insights, Ecommerce tracking, Real time User analysis and many more. These all features help marketers to create and implement a successful marketing plan.

Note: You have to create your account first and implement tracking code on your website header part to get access all reports.

Google Webmasters Tool

google webmaster tools

Google webmasters tool is renamed now as Google search console. It helps you to track website errors reports, indexed pages, search traffic and many more. It is a combination of different tools like you can submit xml sitemap to index webpages faster, You can demote your sitelinks, Test your robots.txt file, fetch as Google to crawl a URL of your website and many other tools.

You can check manual penalty notification or message while your website is penalized by Google. It helps you to improve errors and procedure what you are doing wrong.

Note: It needs to verify your website before getting access of any Google search console tools.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

google keyword planner tool

If you want to find business related search terms and looking for what queries people are searching on major search engines, Google keyword planner is best tool to do a research.

Just enter a keyword in search section and it offers monthly search volume, competition and suggested keywords & keyword groups that help you to select a pool of keywords & business related terms to target for your business.

It also offers broad match, exact match and phrase match type of keywords. You can also upload a file (in CSV format) of keywords to research monthly searches and competition here.

Google Trends Tool

google trends tool

Goggle trends help you to find the changes in search volume of key terms. It is easy to analyse any key term or comparison of two and more key terms trends.

For example, if you want to check users interest over time in WordPress CMS or would like to compare the trends between WordPress, Magento and joomla, just put that search term in Google trends Search box. It fetches data according to country or worldwide users of these PHP CMS’s.

Google Adwords Tool

google adwords tool

“In 2015, the majority of Google’s total revenue earned through advertising. That year, Google’s ad revenue amounted to almost $67.39 billion”.Statista.com

An advertiser can promote their services and products using Google adwards services like Pay-per-click (PPC), Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-action (CPA), remarketing and many other online advertising services.

Using this tool, you have to create different ad copies to promote your services in different targeted regions. Google charges money on the basis of ads relevancy, keyword’s search volume and competition on particular time & target region.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool

google pagespeed insights tool

Google Page Speed Insight Tool is designed to evaluate the performance of webpages. When you enter a website URL in search box, it tests loading time and webpage performance for both desktop and mobile devices.

It provides a score from 0 to 100, the higher website score means your website is performing well. It also provides solutions to improve your website Page speed.


Above mentioned tools are essential in improving your overall website performance. There are more free tools offered by Google that plays vital role in growing your SEO Efforts. You can also use tools like structured data testing, mobile site testing tool and more to boost your On-page SEO efforts and out rank your competitors.

Give these tools a try and share your experience in comments below.


Saurabh Sharma has been working in Internet marketing domain for over five years. He is a qualified IT professional, having fair knowledge of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. He also offers online marketing solutions to help people in endorsing the best marketing strategy for their business. He contributes articles about SEO tips to Searchenginejournal.com.

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