Entrepreneurship: Interview with Mickey Swortzel from Neweagle.net

MickeyHello Folks, we have started a new interview series with the name of “Entrepreneurship – A Journey that never ends”. We have started a campaign at Myblogu.com and get very good response from members and entrepreneurs.

In our first interview response, we get a really inspiring story of business Neweagle.net. We talked with Mickey Swortzel – founder and operations director for the New Eagle family of businesses. Check full Interview below:


Question: Please tell our readers about you and your business?

Answer: Mickey is the co-founder and operations director for the New Eagle family of businesses. She brings a background in Finance, Human Resources and Marketing in both start-ups and corporate environments. After beginning her career in the banking industry, she moved to healthcare management and finally tech start up. Her passion is empowering her team to provide efficient and excellent service to customers around the world and then managing these activities to provide strong financials and growth opportunities to the benefit both the employees and customers of New Eagle. Mickey graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a B.S. in Economics and holds an MBA from the University of Dayton.

Question: What push you to become an entrepreneur?

Answer: Listening to customers and realizing we could provide a better solution than what our competitors did. Other companies told the customers what they should want; we didn’t think that was a long term plan to success. Our success continues because we continually listen and work to solve customers’ problems. As a result, we became a trusted resource, who works with them to make them successful.

Question: How you started your journey as an entrepreneur?

Answer: My journey as an entrepreneur started as part time financial help to my husband who was the visionary of our company. At first it was difficult working with my husband and not really having a role of my own. As we grew our company I moved to full time, managing finances, human resources and marketing. All of these areas played to my strengths and I fell in love with running my own business.

Question: What is the biggest success and failure of your Journey?

Answer: The biggest successes are growing a team and enabling them to find and work in their passions. The benefit of a small company is the opportunity to wear a lot of hats. This has allowed people to have exposure to new and different areas and its fun to be a part of other’s journeys.

Biggest failure was having an employee steal a customer from us early on in our business and not know having the legal agreements in place with both the customer and employee to protect ourselves. We’re much smarter now!

Question: What lessons learned as an entrepreneur?

Answer: It never gets easier. The challenges change and you can take pride in your accomplishments but never rest and feel as though you’ve arrived. Business ownership is hard – if it wasn’t more people would do it with success. But having a good team, good customers and believing in your products keeps you going and positive. When you stop being positive about your own business, it’s time to close shop.


Thank you so much for telling us such an inspiring entrepreneurship journey, Mickey. We wish you good luck for your all future ventures. You can follow Mickey at Linkedin.

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