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How to Secure your WordPress Website in 8 Easy Steps

I am sure you love WordPress framework, I do. It’s the only CMS framework powering more than 58% of total CMS market share. But do you know WordPress websites are the soft targets of hackers? Sucuri research reports say more than 75% of WordPress websites are infected in their 11k+ website scans! Isn’t that a damn high ratio? You need to pay attention to this security concern before your website becomes a victim of such attacks. Don’t panic it’s not that every WordPress website get hacked. But you may need to be active and follow some security precaution to save...

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Online Marketing Security: The 3 Worst Case Scenarios

In some ways, doing things online is very convenient; in other ways, there are tons of new problems to solve. I appreciate webblogjournal.com for giving me the opportunity to discuss a few difficulties with online marketing, as there are many. For some cool tips on link building, check out their article “Do’s and Don’ts of Old Link Building Methods.” Products rarely sell themselves. That goes double for online sales because there are no aisles to walk down where a customer might happen to see your product on the shelf. Sure, ads pop up occasionally on websites and social media, but...