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Why Mobile Marketing is an Essential Factor During Rio Olympics 2016

As 24 hours are remaining to start RIO Olympics 2016, Marketers are all set to win gold for their business using effective marketing strategy. Building strategy is another thing, but implementing it and getting benefits through their planning is another crucial task for marketers. Apart from commercial TV marketing, does mobile marketing win gold for marketers in Olympics 2016? In my views, the answer is “yes”, but how? After doing lots of research, we find some best mobile marketing practices that will add wings to your marketing plan. Majority of People are Using Mobile SmartInsights research says, “80% of users own a...

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Include These Four Resolutions in Your Marketing Strategy for 2016

  Every year, we prepare a list of resolutions and work hard to achieve as many of them possible.  As we have already entered in four week of New Year, I want to reveal a new list of resolutions that every business owner should include in its marketing strategy for 2016. Focus on Mobile Earlier, business promotions operated through TV and PC, but nowadays, smartphones has become a preferred choice for communication and marketing. According to comscore report, internet uses on mobile devices grow rapidly and surpassed PC usage in 2014. Also the use of internet through mobile devices has...