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50+ Inbound Marketing Blogs 3

50+ Best Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

If you’re working in digital marketing domain, you need to do loads of analysis and research tasks to make right business decisions. From past couples of year, SEO is changing continuously. You noticed several Google algorithmic changes, increased importance of content marketing and social media etc. From where, people get to know the information about digital marketing trends, updates and news? Through online blogs! In past few years, there are some informative blogs emerged and established itself as a symbol of reliability, authority and trustworthiness. These blogs not only provide all latest news but also offer educational tutorials, e-books and How-to’s relevant...

Twitter Recap 0

Recap of Twitter Happenings in 2014

According to Twitter’s stats, around 500 million Tweets published every day and to make Twitter’s experience more better, it brings many changes and improvements in its product like profile design, video ads and audio card etc. in 2014. Today, I read many articles to find all changes that have been occurred throughout the year and I tried my best to collaborate all these changes in single post. So, let’s have a look on these updates from the beginning: Photo Tagging and Set upto 4 photos in a Single Tweet March 26, 2014 – Twitter released two important mobile updates to...