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How relevant is Social Bookmarking for SEO today?

Spending over 5+ years in SEO industry, I have worked on several link building techniques and generate lots of traffic for my client’s website and blog. Today I came across a question that has asked and answered so many times in different communities and blogs: How relevant is Social Bookmarking for SEO Today? Are we wasting our time and efforts on submissions of website/blog details on social bookmarking websites? So here I want to explain few things which I have learned from different experiments and my working experience. According to my thoughts, submission of your website/blog won’t directly helps you...

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How to Do Old Link Building Tactics Right in 2016

As we have entered in 2016, many seo’s has already planned there internet marketing strategy and some are still planning how to do things right. So here I am explaining how to utilize old link building methods to get most out of your efforts: Social Bookmarking: In simple words, social bookmarking is a technique of saving web addresses of your favorite websites with desire to visit in future. In other words, “A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents – Wikipedia” Social bookmarking is an old technique that still...

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Top 50+ High PR Profile Linking Website List 2016

With roll out of several Google penguin updates, do you really think that profile link creation is a safe SEO method in 2016? I think the answer should be “YES”.  As per Moz’s ranking factor survey and careful data analysis, i conclude that website link profile is one of the good link building methods. In SEO, getting a backlink is most important factor, but SEO’s forget that a backlink is not only the feature to rank a website in all popular search engines. A good link profile means creation of profile on a high authority website having lots of authority links...