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Entrepreneurship: Interview with Phil Turner

Here we are back and next interview with Phil Turner. He has struggled and learned from their experiments and experiences. His success mantra is quite simple – “Use the 5 currencies – Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts and Money to get success.” It includes all qualities that makes a person successful entrepreneur.   Question: Please tell our readers about you and your business? Answer: I am a blogger and content marketing consultant. I am currently writing a book on content marketing and am setting up an Udemy course that will help real world business people to use content marketing effectively. Both the book...

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Entrepreneurship: Interview with Rodney Fife from Ironrodmedia.com

“Running a small business has been compared to having a child. You will probably not have a decent night of sleep until it matures and is self-sustaining. Your focus will be on raising and growing your baby every minute you are awake. – Rodney Fife“ Here we come again with another interview with Rodney Fife – Founder and CEO of Ironrodmedia.com. Ironrodmedia agency helps small businesses and authors in crafting their business or personal success stories. Read full Interview here: — Question: Please tell our readers about you and your business? Answer: I run a PR/Marketing firm helping authors, artists, and...