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Include These Four Resolutions in Your Marketing Strategy for 2016

  Every year, we prepare a list of resolutions and work hard to achieve as many of them possible.  As we have already entered in four week of New Year, I want to reveal a new list of resolutions that every business owner should include in its marketing strategy for 2016. Focus on Mobile Earlier, business promotions operated through TV and PC, but nowadays, smartphones has become a preferred choice for communication and marketing. According to comscore report, internet uses on mobile devices grow rapidly and surpassed PC usage in 2014. Also the use of internet through mobile devices has...

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21 Best Places to Repost Your Content

Bloggers devote a long time in creating a high quality content to publish and promote it on different social media channels. Is it enough to viral your post? No. To reach out your potential customers you have to expend your content reach throughout the internet. Repurposing of content plays a vital role after publishing content on your specified channels. A little effort of repurposing did your job well and attracts more clicks and audiences then simple publication. So, reposting of quality content on different platforms will help in approaching a wide audience reach and to solve this purpose here we...

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Success Stories of Storytelling

Storytelling is the earliest form of gestures and expressions. In ancient time, when no paper and pen invented, people learned and taught everything through stories. We can say that stories were the medium of transferring knowledge from one generation to another generation at that time. Oh yes! One story comes in my mind and I am going to narrate it here: “One hot day, there was a thirsty crow. He flew around the ground in search of water, but couldn’t find water. After sometimes he found a pot with half filled of water. He tried hard to quench his thirst,...