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Guide to Mastering Image Optimization for WordPress

Images are an integral part of good websites. They attract visitors, make your content compelling and encourage visitors to take an immediate action. But, when you add high resolution images to your site, it could make your website slow. Generally, visitors just hate slow websites because they don’t have the patience to wait. Even search engines dislike sluggish websites and downgrade their ranking in search results. To be honest, images consume around 63% of the bandwidth used by modern websites and they can be a major contributor to the size of your web pages. So, you need to reduce the...

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How to Secure your WordPress Website in 8 Easy Steps

I am sure you love WordPress framework, I do. It’s the only CMS framework powering more than 58% of total CMS market share. But do you know WordPress websites are the soft targets of hackers? Sucuri research reports say more than 75% of WordPress websites are infected in their 11k+ website scans! Isn’t that a damn high ratio? You need to pay attention to this security concern before your website becomes a victim of such attacks. Don’t panic it’s not that every WordPress website get hacked. But you may need to be active and follow some security precaution to save...

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WordPress Plugin: Google Maps Widget (GMW) Pro Review

Nowadays, technology is evolving very fast so that we can’t live without it. If we talk about Google Maps, it has been changed from a simple location finder to enabling Street maps with 360° panoramic view. Can you imagine? Yes. Now, Google map is very smart technology as it allows you to take a virtual walk at any destination, satellite imagery around the world and shows real-time traffic conditions. You are thinking, why I am talking about Google maps today, right? After researching, I found that Google map is a mandatory functionality that every website owner wants. It is quite...

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6 Free Online WordPress SEO Plugins To Maximize Your Website Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process helps many businesses and websites to increase traffic and revenue. This is the reason wordpress website owners are showing interest in SEO plug-ins. It is best option to use relevant WordPress SEO plug-ins to make their website Search Engine Friendly. So here we have collected 6 most popular and useful plug-ins that will help you to optimize your website in few hours: